CZM Institute

The Coastal Zone Management Institute is the leading marine scientific research organization in Belize . It is headed by a Director with a technical staff to carry out monitoring and research programmes. The Coastal Zone Management Institute carries out the technical functions of coastal management in coordination with the various agencies involved.

The Institute’s main functions are to conduct marine research, maintain a data centre, provide information as required by the Authority, organize training courses, support other agencies involved in CZM, maintain coastal monitoring programmes, and to assist with preparation of a national CZM plan.

Currently, the Institute is implementing five research and monitoring programmes:

  • Coral Reef Monitoring
  • Coastal Water Quality Monitoring
  • Endangered Species Research focusing on manatee research
  • Coastal Planning
  • Data Analysis

An education/public awareness programme is also an important component of the Institute, ensuring that that the public is provided with information on issues affecting the coastal and marine resources.

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