Technical Staff


Data ManagerMaritza Canto, MSc.

Data Manager

Maritza Canto is responsible  for CZMAI’s Coastal and Marine Data Centre where data from its research programmes are archived and managed.  Maritza received her MSc. degree in Environmental Sustainable Development at the National Central University in Taiwan.  In addition, she has a BSc. Degree in Biology with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Belize.




Coastal PlannerSamir Rosado,  BSc.

Coastal Planner

Samir Rosado assisted with the preparation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan for Belize and is currently focused on working towards the implementation, monitoring and revision of the ICZM Plan once adopted by the government of Belize. Samir received his BSc. in Biology from Sam Houston State University and has extensive research experience.



Research TechnicianKleon Coleman

Research Technician

Kleon Coleman holds an Associate’s degree in General Studies with a Major in Environmental Science from St. John’s College Junior College. Kleon is an accomplished athlete, participating on both the Belize Senior and Junior National Volleyball teams. He is very passionate about finding solutions to environmental problems through science and research.



Manatee Conservation Program Coordinator

Jamal Galves

Belize Manatee Conservation Program Coordinator

Jamal Galves is currently the Belize Manatee Conservation Program Coordinator with Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute and Sea 2 Shore Alliance. Jamal has been passionate about protecting wildlife since his childhood, and he knew he wanted to work with animals – specifically manatees. Jamal holds a degree in general arts and biology from St. John’s Junior College.




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