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Coastal Planning In Belize – Creating a Blueprint for Sustainable Development

by on Sep 4th, 2012

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CZMAI Planning Team: Chantalle Clarke – Coastal Planner; Samir Rosado – Coastal Science Researcher; Maritza Canto – GIS Specialist

ICZM Plan Updates:

(i) The team ran two new iterations using InVEST’s habitat risk assessment and four ecosystem service models: recreation, coastal vulnerability, coastal protection, and lobster fishery.

(ii) There was a reconfiguration of the use zones for the “compromise (informed management) future” scenario as a result of ecosystem service model outputs.

(iii) To date, five of eight sections of the national plan are complete. A draft of regional management matrices for nine planning regions has also been prepared.


Natural Capital Partners

  1. Ms. Amy Rosenthal and Ms. Kirsten Howard visited our office on July 12-19

Key accomplishments:

  • Amy & Kirsten gave a CZMAI Seminar.
  • They conducted semi-structured interviews, implemented a questionnaire and analyzed stakeholder participation information in order to get a sense of the overall success and limitations of CZMAI’s stakeholder engagement process. Special focus was given to assess stakeholder’s perceptions of their ability to contribute to policy development for safeguarding benefits from ecosystem services provided by the Belizean coastal zone.
  • Twelve stakeholders representing 4 of 9 planning regions participated in in-depth, semi-structured interviews. The survey was closed off on August 17th.  68 people completed the online survey. The randomly chose Facebook winner of the “US-themed mystery prize” is Corey Constantino, a previous intern at CZMAI. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey in person or online.


Mrs. Katie Arkema and Mr. Gregg Verutes visited on July 30-August 3

Key accomplishments:Focusing primarily on the GIS component of the Plan, they worked with the CZMAI team on correcting the accuracy of coastal and marine use zones. They also performed ecosystem service (ES) modeling and used the expertise and experience of other NatCap colleagues to interpret model outputs for informing the (re)configuration of coastal and marine use zones four future scenarios.

  • Additional service models are being run i.e. lobster fishery. CZMAI now has the capacity to run habitat risk assessment model and 2 ES models: coastal vulnerability and lobster fishery. We are working on the capacity to run coastal protection and recreation models.
  • Finally, novel visualization of map outputs and other supporting information were developed for the ICZM Plan.


We hope to start the next round of public consultations by the end of October. Please contact the CZMAI office for further information at 223-5739 / 0719.

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