Goff’s Caye Special Management Program

Goff’s Caye

Goff’s Caye, situated north of the English Caye Channel, covers approximately 0.5 acres of high sandy national land. A reef lies, in easy distance, to the north of the caye and the surrounding waters to the east and southwest of the caye are shallow with depth ranging from 0.6 to 1.5 meters. Goff’s Caye is registered as an archaeological site because in the Colonial are it served as a settlement area, a fishing camp, a trade center and, a cemetery.

It’s a traditional recreational spot for Belizean tourists. In addition to this, some 500-cruise ship tourists visit the Caye weekly.

The ecosystems around Goff’s Caye are very important to the fisheries sector. They have been and continue to be productive grounds for lobster, conch and finfish. In addition, the area northwest of the caye is known to be a foraging area for sea turtles. Fishers from Belize City and the northern part of the country fish the area.

The reefs off Goff’s Caye are considered to be one of the best representatives of a healthy reef system.




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