Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute Research/Reference Library

A member of the National Association for Libraries and Resource Centers of Belize

The establishment of the CZMA/I Library was an initiative to create awareness of the work being done by the CZMA/I and as a important depository and storage facility for coastal and marine research papers, reports, books, EIA’s, audio visual materials etc. for use by patrons or distribution as a part of the education process . In addition, special draft documents, such as EIAs and proposed regulations are often placed in the library for public viewing and comment.

The library opened its doors in February of 2003, however, it was officially opened on May 26 th , 2003 as part of Coastal Awareness Week. Materials in the library are entered in the Library database utilizing Endnote Plus Library software.

The Library serves the technical staff of the Institute, and the local and scientific community. It also provides an excellent research base for local secondary and tertiary level students. Services offered to users of the CZMAI Library include, computerized data search, copy services and reference assistance.

The library is fully integrated with:

  • AV section
    TV, VCR, Hi-8 player, stereo and head sets for privacy.
  • Computer Access
    3 Internet ready computers. [Printing is done by the librarian at 50 cents per page].
  • General Information
    Books, EIA’s, Reports, Manuals, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc. 
Serial Collection; Newspapers, Reports, Newsletters, etc. Vertical File
  • Photocopying Services

There are also free pamphlets on the different programmes being carried out by CZMA/I. Free posters are also available, providing information on the fishing industry and other related topics of coastal and marine importance. Photocopying is offered at a price of 25 cents for b&w copies and printing at 50 cents per page.

This materials found here (PDF Format) serve the technical staff of CZMAI, the local and scientific community, and students of local secondary and tertiary levels. Check back often as more documents are added frequently.





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